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Posted by: Paul Campbell
Date/Time: 14/06/21 17:49:00

"Not that anyone in The OC who lives in a pre-2019 LTN would see it as a benefit, as living in one leaves "residents stranded and isolated, and leading to a loss of independence and mental health issues" (according to The OC website)."

That is interesting as the founders of The OC and many of their most outspoken members live in LTNs. I had always thought that there was something offputting about people living in multi-million pound houses on quiet and safe streets in LTNs asking people less fortunate than them for money so that they could fight speculative court cases in the hope of being able to continue to drive their SUVs through other people's noisy and dangerous streets for their convenience and to save them a couple of minutes on their short local journeys. And that 44,400 other Chiswick people agreed with me.

But it turns out I misjudged The OC. It was a cry for help. Perhaps The OC members living in pre-2019 LTNs who are feeling stranded and isolated and suffering mental health issues could do house swaps with the people living in High Traffic Neighbourhoods who want to live in LTNs? Harmony restored to Chiswick. I'll happily agree that Harvard Hill reopens in exchange for an OC member's house on Woodstock, Beverley, Chiswick Mall.

Or as you say we just remove all of the LTNs in my list (adding the Groves Riverview and Spring which I forgot) so that everybody suffers or benefits equally from high traffic roads depending on your point of view.

That is assuming the option of keeping on with LTNs is off the table given how disastrous The OC members who live in them say they have been for their mental health.

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