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Posted by: Paul Campbell
Date/Time: 14/06/21 09:54:00

The moral case seems to be very simple. Anybody who is living on a road with traffic restrictions is a bad person who is selfish and has no concern for others or society. While ideally they should be punished by society for their repugnant morality, the law is not amenable to that. Therefore all these roads must be opened. Anything else is unfair on the majority of people who do not live on restricted roads and have to suffer traffic displacement, congestion and increased pollution.

We must raise money to fight for the reopening and full restoration of all two-way traffic on Stamford Brook Avenue,Prebend Gardens, British Grove, Netheravon Road, Airedale Avenue, Beverley Road, Chiswick Lane South, Chiswick Mall, Pumping Station Road, Cleveland Avenue, Merton Avenue, Cranbrook Road, Brackley Road, Annandale Road, Woodstock Road, Chiswick Common Road, Thornton Avenue, Barley Mow Passage, Paxton Road, Duke's Avenue, Corney Road, Priory Road, Evershed Walk, Chiswick Road, Sutton lane South, Bennett Street.

We mustn't let the selfish people living or working on those roads win and displace their traffic to the rest of us. No wonder so few local people are registering their objections to new traffic restrictions or contributing to funds to fight them when so many are enjoying quiet safe streets. Open Chiswick for All!

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