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Posted by: Philippa Bond
Date/Time: 13/07/15 16:37:00

Is it plenty of cash or plenty of credit?  I suspect that there is more credit than cash - and often somebody else's.
Time is what is in short supply - it is just that time is what you make of it.

People don't know how to repair things any more and it has been harder to find anyone else to do it.  The kids just demand a new one.  Parents oblige to keep them quiet. How much is just keeping up with the Jones's (LOL).  Yet there is a lot to be learned from trying to find out what is wrong with something and finding a solution/making it work again. 

A shop will of course tell you that it is cheaper to buy another because they want to sell you another.  You very rarely find a shop now that will tell you how to find someone to fix something or fix it for you.  It is all about selling to you.  Some of this is changing. Price isn't everything.  The value to you of something may be greater than the price. The sooner that children realise that the point of shops is to part them with money the better! It is really good having to save for something because you may find after a few weeks that something that you desperately wanted two weeks ago you no longer want or has been superseded by something else.

I would have thought that swishing parties would suit some children as well as grown-ups.  I know that teenagers like trying on and borrowing each others' clothes.  I do hope never to have grandchildren who are so worried about getting their clothing dirty that they won't slide down a slide, roll down a bank or climb trees.

I found it quite useful not to always buy the latest electronic game or gadget for Christmas because many of these are discarded soon afterwards.  They can be tried out at other people's homes and after further testing the best ones bought.  The shop Game was good for this.

Family, friends and neighbours are often only too happy to be offered clothes that your children have grown out of - and not only hardly worn smart stuff.  You don't always want to have to buy new clothes to take camping or play football in.  Children may like to modify their clothes. As a teenager I remember sewing large blue velvet triangular inserts into the bottoms of my jeans.  I find it excruciatingly sad that holey jeans seem to be created by destroying new material instead of the much more honourable method of wearing them until they become threadbare.

Online shopping can be easy to do and receive but less easy to return if unsuitable.  I'm sure those high quality goods would have been loved by anyone collecting donated goods for an auction eg PTA, swimming club etc.

Shopping wasn't something we really did as children.  We went to places, learnt things and had experiences and adventures.  We weren't bored and we could amuse ourselves. 

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