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Posted by: Rima Jones
Date/Time: 12/07/15 18:44:00

Thanks Phillipa. I've contacted Iris and John Todd!
The trouble is that theres plenty of money around and a lot of people don't want to repair things. They'd rather upgrade to new.
Barnardoes have reported that many people won't wesr anything more than 6 times if at all because it's last seasons or an impulse buy.
Teenagers need to keep up with their peers and follow the trend and it starts earlier than that.
All my 3 grand daughters are very particular about what they will wear and have been since they were 2 years old. I promised that I wouldn't knit them anything! Relief! If I offer them anything they will consider it carefully before saying "I don't think so thank you. It's too pink and I'm not a Cath Kidston fan" so we need to go to the shops and choose something but I must admit I really enjoy it. They're their own people with artistic flair and I was the same. We can discuss the tonal qualities and textures of the ensemble and have a great time learning as we go along. I used to make all my clothes! So we get along fine:)
I recall when one of them was 4 she advised her mother that the cut of her jeans was good but the choice of belt wasn't. She selected another and we all agreed that it was a better accessory with the whole outfit. Her mother couldn't stop laughing!
Reuse is the thing when they've grown out of them.
The managers of charity shops have to know all the clothes labels and have a good idea with everything else or phone head office to ask. The problem with the particular charity shop that I'm in discussions with is not to do with valuing. It is the wanton discarding of large quantities of high quality goods whatever they are. Goods which have been bought online recently and are still in sealed boxes with receipts stapled to them stating that they cost 370, 260, 149 etc must have been blocking the fire door.
I hope I won't have to keep on about this for much longer. I'm rapidly turning into a nasty, spying old rat bag.

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