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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Re: Recycling Containers
Posted by: Rima Jones
Date/Time: 12/07/15 09:52:00

Sore points.
Re my OP I am still without the ordered green box. Is it a record?
The charity shops do have to pay contractors to collect their waste which must be in the sacks provided. They are bought in rolls of 200, I roll for recycling ie boxes and carrier bags, the other for everything else but generally speaking everything goes into both.
A few years ago it worked out at about 1 per sack but with rising costs likely to be more now it isn't helpful to dump unsaleable items.
The favourite contractor is at present First Mile so perhaps they do the best deal.
Some more of the charity shops are now collecting electricals for testing and passing so it's best to ask before taking in. If possible ask the manager, volunteers don't always know.
Sore point 2.
I am at present in the throes of an ongoing battle with the head office of one of the charity shops, which must be unnamed at present, re throwing out hundreds of pounds worth of high quality goods every day.
After my first email giving a detailed list from the night before, a reply 8 minutes later from the area manager to say " thank you for this. I will be dealing with it very promptly". 10 minutes later an email from the development and marketing director to say that she was so shocked and concerned that she wanted to let me know that the area manager is on his way to the shop now and to assure me that it wouldn't be happening today.
It didn't but the following night it did. Another list to head office and there are now several directors and managers involved.
It is against their policy to discard any of the items listed and are applying themselves to the gravity of the situation as an immediate priority. All their staff are trained and as I have said that I am aware that all the charity shops receive large quantities of unsaleable items but this should certainly not be happening. They do not refuse to accept donations because good quality is becoming scarcer and scarcer.
I replied that it certainly isn't in Chiswick and they can see that.
Due to the data protection act they are unable to supply information but I believe that they are urgently and sincerely addressing the apparent problems.
At a guess I think it may involve reorganising and refitting the shop and supplying a van with driver to collect the excess daily and if so its likely to take time.
It's happened with other charity shops and took an awfully long time.
Perhaps they could start with a van and driver?

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