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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Re:Re: Recycling Containers
Posted by: Philippa Bond
Date/Time: 12/07/15 11:23:00

Re the OP.  You don't live at No 20 do you?  (See Iris Hill's post.)

This is why we need to be more responsible not just about what we buy but what we give away.

Charity shops need things that they can sell in the condition that they can sell them in.  They don't have washing machines... or seamstresses. It also depends on people recognising what may be worth more.  If you really value something and want to give money to charity it may be more worthwhile for you to sell it and give the money to the charity.

If they become "too posh" it is difficult to find the bargains and interesting things that many people go there to hunt for.  So it is all a bit catch 22.

I definitely think that people should support their schools more with second hand uniform and school type stuff and the baby and small organisations they belong to such as the NCT and Ealing 135 for their yearly sales.  This means that some things are pre-sorted.  It would also be good to see more neighbourhood events such as the Jumble Trails and back yard sales. 

You will see from the link I gave that there is a reduction of rate at the WLWA for charities and non-profit organisations.  However you still have to get the stuff there and you'll find more regulations on transporting stuff...

I thought that there was a good price for rags still?

Re the electrical and electronic items it is easier in LBH to recycle them - you could put them in an untied carrier bag next to the green box.  IN LBE you have to find an electrical recycling bank which are on the street.  There are maps to find these.

I find it frustrating that we seem to think nowadays that we need to have something designed specifically for the use that we want to make of it and seem to have the ability to re-purpose things.  It is something that we should work on more.  I like keeping shoes in a flower pot!


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