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Topic: Re:Re:Re::Recycling containers
Posted by: Philippa Bond
Date/Time: 27/06/15 10:13:00

Something that was said on the BBC2 programme The Waste Men was that perhaps we shouldn't just expect the Councils to deal with all our waste. Why should we?  The Council is at the end of the line so ends up with the responsibility and picks up the tab and therefore so do Council Tax payers BUT we no longer just buy what we need or what we can afford.

And not everyone pays Council Tax.  Students don't and students can be (aren't always) the worst offenders.  This is another reason why letting agents and landlords need to take more responsibility in making sure that the right receptacles and information is set up and immediately to hand.
We have all this packaging because we don't and didn't say "no".  Some of it is good but a lot of it is unnecessary and if we don't keep pressure up on the supermarkets and manufacturers then there won't be improvements.  There are packaging regulations to try and reduce this but too many companies get away with not paying and then negotiating fines once caught. Trading Standards used to prosecute for excessive packaging but where are they now?  Heavy marketing has to be kept in check somehow.

I would say it is more a problem as a result of a nanny state organising rubbish collection with threats of non-collection than a centuries old throw away culture. The younger generations may have a throw away culture but older generations remember the packaging that had value immediately available to them such as the 2p back for glass bottles or putting newspaper or cardboard under the carpets to add insulation.

It is a crazy situation when the Councils want to increase their recycling rates and people are unable to get the containers they need.  Councils would increase their recycling rates if they actually offered recycling to those people who still don't have it.  Are we sure that it is REALLY available now or is it only available to those that the Contractor bothers to organise containers and a collection for?

Flats often have to buy or rent their containers.


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