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Posted by: Huw Burford-Taylor
Date/Time: 22/12/15 14:21:00

There's nothing more subjective than comparing drivers from different eras, and comparisons are odious, but here goes:

Hamilton came through the ranks as well, his father worked 3 jobs to get him through the karting formulae, yes he was sponsored by McLaren from 13 onwards, but had there been no talent that sponsorship would have ended very quickly.

In Hamilton's rookie year in F1 he came within a hair of beating his team mate, two time F1 champ, and generally reckoned to be the most complete driver on the grid, Fernando Alonso, to the title, and indeed equalled him on points, putting his nose out of joint so much that Alonso scurried back to his former team, Renault.

In Hmailton's time in F1 he's had machinery that was the class of the field 4 years, 2007, 2008, 2014 & 2015 of those 4 times he's won 3 and come second once (his rookie year) 2009 was the Brawn one off champion ship and 2010-13 were the all conquering red bull years.

This whole argument about "stick xxxx in 'insert name of current dominant F1 car here' and they'd win" has been shown up as a fallacy time and time again, but to give some of the more recent examples: Coulthard in the '98 '99 McLaren, couldn't get close to Hakkinen, Barichello in the '09 Brawn couldn't get close to Button, Webber in the Red Bull 2010-13 couldn't get close to Vettel. The winner of the F1 WDC is invariably a combination of the best driver and the best machine. Fangio was famous for moving from team-to-team depending on who had the best machinery, it's virtually impossible to win a WDC without it. Finally Hamilton's never driven into someone to win a WDC, not something you can say about Senna.

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