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Topic: Re:Third Runway
Posted by: graham baker
Date/Time: 27/11/15 16:05:00

I wonder what % of the folks currently in Brentford, Chiswick, Hammersmith etc. really know that Runway3 is going to have planes coming directly in to land over their heads for 85% of the time.

The noise will be bad.

The impact on your house prices also will be a shocker! (And that drop will kick firmly in as soon as the plans are hatched.)

For those living further to the North in Ealing / Southall etc. - you may not realise it yet but when the wind direction is running from east to west (10% of the time) planes will be taking off and heading in your diretion from R3 towards North East..

and it is very bad (especially at 9pm to 11.30 pm when it reaches its cresendo). 6am is pretty bad too if you fancy a lie in.

I note the recent comments from the HRow CEO about his "not wanting to be bound by the no night-flight rules".

Within a few years we cold have planes at 3-4 am and right through the night.

Gatwick meanwhile is surrounded by open countryside. The number of people suffering is vastly fewer. Its also a much cheaper option . A no-brainer if ever I saw one.

Time to start some real action against this plan - which the Tories are determind to push through, Trust me.

Once they see the ferocity of the response they will turn tail - just as they did over tax credits.

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