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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:The Davies Report
Posted by: Andrew OSullivan
Date/Time: 27/11/15 10:43:00

I've followed the issue of the Third Runway in some detail for over a decade. I am familiar with the main arguments for and against and as the runway will have a negative effect on my quality of life my hope has always been that the latter would prove the stronger.

It is therefore unfair to describe me as foolish particularly as you are telling me that people are making winning arguments against the expansion of Heathrow but then neglecting to spell them out.

As far as I can see you would never change your mind on this issue or indeed any other no matter what evidence is presented. You appear to believe that if you state an opinion stridently and often enough it becomes irrefutable.

It seems to me that the hard fact here is that the building of the Third Runway is inevitable. Sound and fury from an alliance of trust fund activist attention seekers and middle class residents under the flight path worried about property values is not going to persuade the Government against making a decision that most of the rest of the country recognise is in the national interest.

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