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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Re:Third Runway
Posted by: Andrew OSullivan
Date/Time: 26/11/15 12:14:00

Whatever the impact of the meeting last night, the pro-Heathrow expansion lobby will have received a huge boost today by the activities of Plane Stupid this morning. Rarely has an organisation been named with such an enormous lack of self-awareness.

The sheer imbecility in blocking the tunnel into the Heathrow terminals when terror alert levels are high would be obvious to most people. But there will be an impact at a lower level with hundreds of holidays ruined for people who will have had to work hard to earn the money to go on them. Plane Stupid campaigners always seem to turn out to be rather posh and are likely to be no strangers to flying off for a skiing weekend or Caribbean winter break  but are probably unaware that some people have to travel unfunded by their parents.

The only protest against Heathrow that would ever be effective is a consumer boycott. If every person in West and South West London refused to use the airport while it was considering expansion any such plans would quickly be abandoned. What has actually happened is that we have happily taken advantage of the proximity of the airport while at the same time trying to argue that it shouldn't be expanded. Is it any wonder that the anti-expansion campaign hasn't really been taken that seriously?

My home will be directly affected by a third runway and I am not happy about that. However, if you accept that a growing economy will see growing air traffic and that a comprehensive enquiry has looked in great detail at the options for how this growth should be managed then it is hard not to accept the inevitability of Heathrow expansion. The benefits of having a major hub airport and the convenience and employment it brings will be some compensation for the extra noise.

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