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Posted by: Cllr Sam Hearn
Date/Time: 27/11/15 15:42:00

"Sir Howard Davies' report which took a great deal of time and money to research came to a well judged conclusion."

Since Sir Howard reported we have heard a number of things that undermine his conclusions amongst the most damning are;

1. TfL have told the London Assembly that the publically funded transport infrastructure needed to make a third runway at HRW work is somewhere north of 20 bn. A staggering sum and much more than Sir Howard was told and much more than it would cost to build at Gatwick. Where will this money come from - certainly not the Chinese, Quataris, Singaporeans and Spaniards who own HRW.

2. The vehicle emissions data used by Sir Howard is now publically revealed to be a pile of stinking "dooh dooh". The increase in traffic that HRW 3rd runway would create would push West London way beyond any legally acceptable air pollution limits.

3. BA have said that the owners of HRW plan to recoup the costs of building the third runway quickly by charging airlines substantially more for using the airport. If this happens BA have said they will leave HRW.

Finally Sir Howard only made his recommendation so long as several conditions were met. One of these was the abolition of ALL night flights and the owners of HRW have made it plain that they will not accept this condition and indeed the CEO says that he wants to run the airport 24 hours a day for heavens sake. I could go on but do I really need to say more?

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