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Topic: Re:NHS service
Posted by: Andy Pease
Date/Time: 15/12/14 12:27:00

I have seen with my own eyes, the NHS go rapidly downhill over the last few years.Not only has it reached breaking point, it is now well past it.And one of the main reasons is immigration (and before all you bleeding hearts jump in and call me a racist, if you haven't used our hospitals regularly in the last few years, you are in no position to pass comment ) Waiting in the outpatient department in Hammersmith or Charing Cross hospitals is like being in a foreign land with every language except English spoken.Here's a novel idea, why not ban immigrants from health care (except emergencies) until they have been employed in this country and paid tax and NI for 6 months.It must also be said that the Eastern European immigrants have probsbly also saved the NHS from complete collapse.I was in the cardiac day ward in Hammersmith Hospital last week and every staff member was a foreigner, mostly either Asian or Eastern European, except my nurse, Maria, who was Spanish and spoke very little English.However, she was left to take care of me and I was rather concerned that when taking  measurements of blood glucose etc,she would do her calculations in metric, and then use her phone to convert the measurements to Imperial.Now that we have lost the A+E at Hammersmith, I predict things are going to spiral rapidly out of control and the NHS will be in crises this winter.

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