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Topic: NHS service
Posted by: Angela Knight
Date/Time: 15/12/14 09:45:00

My brother-in-law emigrated to New Zealand a little over two years ago.

He had endured many years of pain, discomfort and inconvenience with 'arthritis in his shoulder' and had tried various treatments (both via NHS and privately) for his diagnosed problem.

Shortly after arriving in NZ he sought medical advice regarding his arthritic shoulder (in early September of that year). Almost immediately, he was correctly diagnosed as having carpel tunnel syndrome, and shortly after Christmas was operated on. So within the space of four months his mis-diagnosis was corrected and he had received surgery to fix the problem - this after suffering for many years in England.

This is one case only, and I know there are many many positive cases when dealing with the NHS, but, to me it does highlight some flaws in the system somewhere.

Equally, I know the health service in NZ is overloaded too, and he was lucky to get his surgery when he did (lots of NZers prefer not to have surgery over the Christmas period) - but the fact that he hadn't been correctly diagnosed after all those years is worrying.

I use Amazon too - it is so convenient, but like some I am frustrated by the 'tax' payment/non-payment arrangements they have.

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