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Topic: Fantastic service
Posted by: Andy Pease
Date/Time: 14/12/14 08:32:00

Yesterday, at different times of the day, approximately 13:00, 18:00 and 21:00, I ordered 3 items from Amazon.The estimated delivery dates were between the 18th-22nd Dec.They have ALL just been delivered.How on earth do they do that ? And the courier that delivered all of these parcels was Yodel.A far cry from the abysmal service they provided last Christmas.Amazom have taken a lot of flak in the press lately.Just thought this brilliant service deserved a mention.Perhaps we should allow Amazon to take over the NHS, I'm sure they'd do a better job.At the moment I'm having tests to see if I'm suitable for a kidney transplant.Last week, after I had been waiting in clinic for 7 hours for an angiogram I was told they wouldn't have time to do it.I am diabetic and had had nothing to eat or drink for 19 hours.I was told they would send me another appointment.I rang Hammersmith Hospital on friday and I was told it was taking them 3 weeks to send a letter.3 weeks to send a letter, but Amazon can deliver 3 parcels ordered at different times in under 12 hours.It's a shame Amazon don't sell kidneys

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