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Posted by: Andy Pease
Date/Time: 15/12/14 08:11:00

Guy, Amazons tax affairs may not be whiter than white, but what can I do about it ? Nothing.I can protest about their tax dodging till the cows come home but will that make them pay the correct amount of tax ? No it won't so, if I can use a company that can deliver a package from Scotland to London in less than a day, free of charge,why would I choose to use Royal (please allow 28 days for delivery) Mail and pay about 5 p+p.I'm sure you will be able to explain your logic.Also, you tell us that the NHS is virtually the best and the cheapest in the world.As a transplant patient, that unfortunately has had to use the NHS much more than I would have liked to over the last couple of years, I can assure you, it maybe the cheapest, but it is a very long way from being the best.Perhaps you would like to tell me your experiences of the NHS over the last couple of years that leads you to think it is the best.In my experience, in an emergency, it's great.For everything else, it's awful.

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