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Topic: Re:Spinal Steroid Injection
Posted by: Mara Belsito
Date/Time: 07/12/14 11:42:00

Dear madam,
I do have simpathy about your back problem as I am suffering too L4/5 slip disc the only cure for me was the injection I have seen best specialist in USA Italy and here in Uk where finally I had the operation in Charing cross hospital hammersmith I have wasted so much money on caeropractice if spelled correct many gadget for my back nothing worked only the ingection make me move I was really bad coudn't walk and i went to hospital in USA as here GP it was not good help and not recognise my problem so I had to lieve london then in USA I had MRI scan and told me i had a massive slip disc,from USA i went to CTO in Italy where i was there for 3 months as i was not able to walk it damage my leg the only treatment was steroids, what I suggest you is do your normail life and lots of exsercice and swimming and if you ever need a good doctor is the one who opetare my spine the name is Ms Peterson in Charing cross hospital I m not sure if he still there as I often go to hospital for checks up but all I see are easten europe doctors,but I totally understand your pain as  I have the same and no one understand I had friends who often told me you always complain because they don't know how painful can be and I am limited to do manythings even jobs some companies did not offer me the job because my back problem
I wish you all the best and hope your back get better

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