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Topic: Re:Spinal Steroid Injection
Posted by: Julie Morse
Date/Time: 04/12/14 15:36:00

My mum might have had that done at some point, but she eventually had surgery last year for degenerative disc's and also something called (no idea how to spell it) spondolethiosis - something like that anyway. I will ask her if she had any injections in the meantime as she suffered from a lot of pain, but she wasn't about to go off skiing - she's in her 60's.
She has had 3 x sets of titanium plates in her back which has eased the pain, but it took her ages to pluck up the courage to have the surgery done. She is much better since she had it done, but that could also be to do with the other stuff they sorted at the base of her spine. I will ask her later as no doubt I will be speaking to her and see what she said about it.

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