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Topic: Re:Spinal Steroid Injection
Posted by: Jackie Louise
Date/Time: 05/12/14 10:16:00

Caroline, I was told my back pain was due to wear and tear of the discs. I had epidural steroid injection in my back about 4 years ago & have never looked back! I did some research & decided to try it. I was given it under general anaesthetic. Before the procedure I was in so much pain, even struggling to bend to get some socks on. Afterwards I was in no pain at all. The point of the procedure is to numb the pain, then with an exercise regime, the discs can sit back into place or something along those lines & hopefully when the steroids wear off & your back should be in better shape. It certainly worked for me. Now I only get the odd twinge. One thing they didn't mention until afterwards is that there is only a 25% chance of it working, some people feel no benefit at all.

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