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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Spinal Steroid Injection
Posted by: Pete Mayes
Date/Time: 04/12/14 17:42:00

Caroline ,nikki on the forum wanted me to post this .....nothing to do with me,wish you well

Spinal Steroid Injection.

Have you been offered a steroid injection on the basis of an epidural?  If so, it should be a single injection given under local anaesthetic, which should last for about a month.  The relief is instant, but you may feel numb around the injection site.

If it's a full lumber facet joint injection, this is carried out on an imaging table under local anaesthetic.  The procedure is not very pleasant as the local anaesthetic stings. this would involve at least four to six jabs of local each side of the spine before, the main needles are put in place.  A lumber facet joint injection (spinal block) will last between three to six months.  The relief is instant.  However you will have to spend up to two hours in recovery, just to make sure the legs are functioning properly.

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