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Topic: Re:Re:Mansion tax?
Posted by: Julian Pavey
Date/Time: 07/10/14 21:30:00

Wont happen in my opinion.

Clegg has done a U turn and some big Labour donors have expressed a dislike to this now. New council tax banding will be the most likely outcome to add to the current A-H which is easier to put in place. But that will put those currently sitting in H on higher property valuations paying more and the properties in the higher end of say 10 million plus paying a substantially larger amount rather than Band H which in the likes of Westminster band H is less than Band D in Hounslow or Ealing.

I would just add Band (I) upwards for properties say over 5 million upwards and keep the current bands roughly the same otherwise you could have some people in a westminster council flat being penalised if you start moving band D upwards to accommodate a change in band H.

Nothing is easy but if its all about those in multi million pound properties paying average 2k a year its just easier to start a new band upwards from a starting point of 5 million rather than the 2 million that would effect many who may be sitting on that valuation without the finances backing them up. I think a 4 million pound starting point in 2015/16 would take that conflict of opinions from people away.


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