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Topic: Mansion tax?
Posted by: Katrina Black
Date/Time: 07/10/14 15:59:00

I’m tired of hearing about cutbacks and taxes that will probably affect those least likely to be able to afford them. I want to put this out in the ether - has anyone any thoughts on taxing those who buy property in the UK but don’t live here? I mean all those who buy properties as an investment as in lock and go. If they  don’t pay tax here shouldn’t they be taxed at say a 10% levy on the purchase price and/or the selling price? Wouldn’t that sort out the deficit? Any thoughts?
My sight loss makes it impossible to read more than just a little on the web so this may have been covered elsewhere. If so please forgive me.
I’ll post this on Chiswick and Putney sites (on the Mansion tax thread) for comments. I am genuinely interested in other people’s views.

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