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Topic: Scam -- mobile phone delivery
Posted by: Carolyn Mccommon
Date/Time: 09/01/15 15:23:00

Beware of accepting mobile phone deliveries that you've not ordered.  The scam entails a new phone being delivered with your name and address, for which you accept delivery. Shortly after, another courier shows up to explain that the phone was an incorrect delivery and asks for the phone back. DON'T.  If you do, you've just given the phone to a thief/scammer and you will be left holding the bill for the account (in your name) opened by the scammer to get the phone  

Thankfully, my partner and I went out for the evening and thus missed  the 'collection' visit. Puzzled by the delivery of a phone that we had not ordered, we did a search on the internet and read about  the scam. A visit to Vodafone and we were told that the scam was presently being played out in W4.  We're in the process of getting the phone returned to Vodafone and getting the falsely-opened account removed from our credit.

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