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Topic: May I have a rant?
Posted by: Vanessa Smith
Date/Time: 01/10/14 10:47:00

On the news last night the awful story of the police yet again failing to shift themselves for two years when informed of child abuse activity by a teacher at an independent school. If the Canadian police who alerted these muppets hadn't gone public, who knows when they would have seen fit to investigate? It got worse because CEOP also investigated and said as they found only 'low level' activity they didn't do anything either! This is children's safety we are talking about here, how could these people be so blasť? All the alarm bells should have been ringing. So that brings me to the bit that has really got me, one of my sons has had to have DBS (CRB) checks many times and he stupidly got a caution over 10 years ago when he was just a youngster for getting involved in a late night punch-up, he accepted that because he was detained for so long in the police station he just wanted to get home. This was really daft on his part - but that's that. Obviously this does come up so he contacted the DBS bods to see if/when this could be removed and was told very snottily he'd have to take them to court and it would be on his 'record' forever.
He's hardly a menace to society or a master criminal and in this day and age when everyone seems to want one of these checks it's hardly conducive to his chances of employment, yet 'low level' paedophile activity by a teacher isn't deemed worthy of a mention to anyone. This left someone in charge of young children free to carry on his nasty activities.

To me this is yet another example of knee jerk reactions leading to a very lucrative business for some, yet not really managing to tackle the problems it was originally set up for, and which is now itself abused by some employers when it is just isn't relevant.

Rant over!†

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