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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Re:Boris is for turning?
Posted by: Richard Greenhough
Date/Time: 15/09/14 14:39:00

"Who keeps giving Johnson the power he so openly seeks? Obviously the people who vote for him....and deploying him as a warped protest vote.."

Whereas Milibean Minor became leader of the Labour Party due to the Trade Union block votes. Just as with Gordon Bean, he got the job without ordinary people having a say in the matter.

Ken Livingstone became Mayor of London as a protest vote.

George Galloway has been elected to Parliament for two different constituencies as a protest vote.

Nigel Farage's whole political career is based on protest votes.

Our system does seem to need an overhaul so that voters get the policies they really want, and don't have to resort to "protest votes", whether for Boris, Ken, Galloway or Farage. Not sure I can see an appropriate solution though.

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