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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Boris is for turning?
Posted by: Vanessa Smith
Date/Time: 15/09/14 14:23:00

Anyone read Barbara Ellen's piece on Boris in yesterday's Observer? Basically picking apart what sort of person he is and how he's managed to keep pulling the same stunts and getting away with it. I particularly liked this observation: "The only positive thing is the thought of all the extra media coaching that David Cameron and George Osborne are going to need to look suitably "delighted" that Johnson is back, without giving themselves hernias".

She concludes with this;
"Who keeps giving Johnson the power he so openly seeks? Obviously the people who vote for him, be it at hustings or elections, but did anyone ever vote for Johnson because he's able, honest or admirable? Never a mina Tory selection; isn't it time for the general populace to stop laughing at Johnson, finding him funny, letting him off? Most of all, to stop mindlessly projecting on to him their own ennui with the system and deploying him as a warped protest vote (warped because Johnson is about as establishment as it gets).
Now, with Johnson resuming his faux-amiable toddle towards real power, it seems a good time to stop blaming him for being Boris, and start having a wider look at those who enable Boris to be Boris, I'm not saying it's been entirely unamusing  - but perhaps it's time for all you Boris-enablers out there to grow up".

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