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Topic: Update
Posted by: David Palmer
Date/Time: 06/01/05 15:19:00

The sewer blockage at Staveley Gardens was located within the local foul sewer.

Thames Water have fully accepted responsibility for the incident, after the intervention of local residents, a number of Councillors and the LBH Drainage section. Hounslow understands that TW are preparing to have the sewer thoroughly cleaned.

LBH has provided documentary evidence to Thames Water of their ownership of the offending sewer and have requested written assurances that the documentary evidence will be placed on their files to prevent a repetition of the events of the 30th December (where ownership was disputed by them).

If residents wish to report any Drainage problems in the Road, they can do so by ringing 020 8583-5555 or e-mailing - we will of course forward any issues for Thames Water if that is required.

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