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Topic: Re:Re:Sewerage in Road Update
Posted by: Paul Allen
Date/Time: 02/01/05 16:34:00


We are really caught in the middle down here. Onsite did have a go at clearing the sewer but need bigger equipment so cannot continue unstill Thames Water give the go ahead.

Thames Water will not admit to adopting the Sewer, Hounslow Council are running around in circles trying to get out of doing the job, which leaves us in the preverbal.

The residents have contacted the BBC who is very interested in coming down to site as it’s the little people being caught in the middle of two organisations fighting it out and forgetting who’s having to put up with the problem.

There’s also a Environmental Health problem down hear as well as this road is the only way into approx 170 houses all driving, cycling and walking through sewerage, some must be going into our homes however well you wipe your feet, and if you happen to have a child at a crawling stage god knows what they are libel to catch from it but that doesn’t seem to bother Hounslow Council.

Also this sewerage is running down our fresh water drains, which run into the Thames and so we are also doing our bit to pollute the River.

We have run out of people to report it to now, so it wont be long before we are up two ears in S**t, pardon the expression.    

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