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Topic: A Problem Nearer to Home
Posted by: Paul Allen
Date/Time: 31/12/04 16:27:00

A Problem nearer to home.

Staveley Gardens has just started its 6 monthly sewage overflow from a blocked main sewer pipe in the main road. With sewage now flowing down the road, Thames Water deny any responsibility for the sewers in this road and their contractors Onsite will not attend to unblock the sewer as they will not be paid for the job.
Hounslow Council has been contacted but they insist that the sewer is Thames Water reasonability.

So now what do we do? Thames water will not attend, Onsite will not attend and Hounslow Council will not attend.

Is there such a thing as a health hazard having sewage slowly running down your street?† The three organizations above donít seem to think so by their actions so far.

Well from a rather smelly part of W4 a Happy New Year to all.† †

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