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Topic: Re:Re:A Problem Nearer to Home
Posted by: Paul Allen
Date/Time: 31/12/04 20:30:00

Hi Richard

Yes itís the same problem.

But Hounslow Council have only a basic crew on over the holiday period, so thereís nobody with any clout to dig the agreement out and they do not have anything big enough to clear this sewer.

Thames Water, now use a contractor called Onsite who basically will not turn up unless someone has filled there grubby little mitts with money, and want all the residents of the road to pay for their service, No Way! whats our water rates and Council tax for.†

Now the road is filling up a lot more and it looks like we might have a frost, so we could have a bit of a novelty in the morning, a frozen road of sewerage, at least it will take the smell away.

Always look on the bright side of life :-)

All the best for the New Year

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