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Topic: Thames Water On The Way
Posted by: Paul Allen
Date/Time: 01/01/05 15:03:00

Rob, Thank you for taking the trouble to phone Thames Water on our behalf.

I hope they were telling you the truth, I have had one of their Area Managers speak to me on the phone saying they will not come out as, Quote " the Sewers belong to Hounslow Council and we have not adopted them, though this doesn’t help you I hope you understand the situation"

Err NO! We are left with raw sewage now filling the road from kerb to kerb, which is now a health hazard.

I've found Thames Water very good and bending the Truth, but I will hold fire on the letter I am sending to the BBC until 4pm and if nothing turns up then it gets emailed to them then.

Regards all in Staveley Gardens

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