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Posted by: Alison Neary
Date/Time: 23/10/15 13:44:00

I find it also depends on the Vet.

Our dog had a kidney disease that was treated with some injection and it made her better for 6 weeks then she was ill again so injection number two this only lasted for about two weeks. The toxins were going to her brain and she was walking round and round in circles it was horrible to see.

The vet (and owner) told us that a course of dialysis was the best route this was thousands of pounds. Our dog was 15 and tiny dialysis would have been painful for her and prolong her suffering. We went away and came back and saw another Vet he suggested that we end her suffering.

I still to this day believe that the first vet was trying to see how much money he could get out of us. The second Vet however was lovely.

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