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Topic: Re:Legal advice required
Posted by: Julian Pavey
Date/Time: 22/10/15 23:24:00

Not an expert but 1 questions come to mind.

Was quote verbal or in writing and was it detailed.

I would guess they cant decide to undertake further work without communication based of the type of vet work carried out. If i have someone decorate my bathroom while i am away i would not expect them to do the kitchen over what was originally planned and bill me.

Unless the work was a sudden life and death situation or had to be done at the time of treatment because of complications that had arisen on what was first set out as treatment,i would think the idea put forward that any monies over the quote without your permission can be collected within a court. At a guess i very much doubt they would chase you for the monies over the quote for the work set out prior to treatment.

Sure someone will have the definitive answer based on the info supplied and the type of treatment.

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