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Topic: Re:Re:Legal advice required
Posted by: Claire Moran
Date/Time: 22/10/15 23:53:00

What did they say when you discussed it with them?  Most vets will explain things fully and will be reasonable over price discussions. 

Was the quote an estimate or a firm quote?  Did it have a clause in that said something along the lines 'other work may need to be undertaken than anticipated in this quote' and particularly,  what exactly was the wording on the consent  form you signed on the day the cat was anaesthetised?  If it said something to the effect that you agree that if the vet decides that more work needs to be undertaken than was originally anticipated they have your permission to do this, then you are on a hiding to nothing I am afraid.  I rarely tick that particular box.  

I would try to speak with the top person at the practice about it all, few vets will want to have to deal with lawyers, and neither, I am sure, do you.

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