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Posted by: Andy Pease
Date/Time: 23/10/15 11:50:00

Vets bills have always baffled me.Many times I have been given estimates that are nothing like the actual final invoice.The worst example was 15 years ago.My dog ate a jagged piece of frizzbe that perforated his gut.We took him to the emergency clinic where they x-rayed and examined him.I was then told he needed surgery and this would cost in the region of 1000-1200.I was told it could even be as much as 1500 (don'f forget, this is 15 years ago) The surgery went well and I was told to phone the next day to see when I would be able to bring him home.I rang the next day and was told I could collect him after lunch.I asked how much the bill came to and was told it totalled 3200.When I collected him later on that day, the bill was 3315.When I asked why the amount had gone up again, I was told "we've given him some chicken"They gave me an itemised bill that ran to seven pages.Items included 5 theatre packs at 300 each They were charging 80 for a catheter, which I could buy at the time for 3.40 each.We tried for months to get a refund (my dog wasn't insured) but got nowhere.My vet even wrote to the emergency clinic asking them to reconsider, but he also got nowhere.Now if my dog needs vet treatment, I always ask for a quote in writing.

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