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Topic: Re:Terrace renovation
Posted by: David Fox
Date/Time: 25/09/15 16:56:00


It should be possible to do it for 150,000, but probably only if you employ and organise the sub-contractors directly, which will take a lot of time, as does making sure you get the best price for materials.

Something like 175,000 would be more likely, perhaps more.

Best thing is to concentrate on those things that would be difficult to upgrade later, such as insulation, wiring, windows, under-floor heating.

Have a chat with your neighbours to see if either of them want to have their own loft or side return extended while you are doing yours. We did our loft together with one neighbour, and our side return with the other. It reduced the time subject to noise, dust and dirt that two separate builds would, meant fewer delays, as trades were more likely to be on hand to get things done, and a small cost saving.

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