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Posted by: Rima Jones
Date/Time: 25/08/15 14:51:00

Taken from Evening Standard 20th August 2015.
"Britain will pay for migrants to fly home from France and spend millions on other measures to encourage voluntary returns, under plans unveiled today to tackle the crisis in Calais.
Other action will include more information campaigns to persuade migrants to turn back and the provision of job training and employment schemes to help those who do reintegrate in their home countries.
Although some of the migrants were genuinely fleeing conflict and persecution, others were economic migrants who were being exploited by evil criminal gangs.
For those who agree to return, today's statement promises efforts to support reintegration including linking skills building with particular employment opportunities and other measures to improve economic development in the countries from which migrants are fleeing
Mrs May and Mr Cazeneuve said " Our two countries cannot tolerate illegal and dangerous attempts to circumvent border controls, human trafficking or the abuse of the immigration system".
Other parts of the deal include the deployment of Btitish police to work alongside French counterparts and Border Force staff at a "control and command " centre in Callais. It will seek to tackle the trafficking gangs transporting people from Aftica and elsewhere to the Channel.
Further security measures will include an increase in French police patrols and CCTV cameras, floodlighting and infrared detection equipment".

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