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Posted by: Donna Fraser
Date/Time: 24/08/15 17:34:00

I think the question was about security. Imho, whilst I of course feel sorry for people living in such conditions, to a large extent, it's a self induced situation, in that you can and should apply for refugee and asylum status in the first safe country you arrive at. If genuine, in time you get eu citizenship and can go where you like in Europe. Whilst I genuinely do feel sorry for people being so desperate, I simply can't see how one continent, Europe, can subsume untold millions from another continent without whole societies collapsing. So for me, I'm afraid the situation in Calais is more a case of people deciding where they want to be, rather than being in a safe place. For my own part, I'm British, married to a New Zealand man for 20 years. 5 years ago we wanted to go and see if I liked it there enough to relocate. We'd lived there for a year some time ago. Not only was the bureaucracy ridiculous, there were also heaps of medical tests I was required to undertake, then the financial costs, huge, just for me to go and live with my mother in law. We're still here. Think the point I'm getting at is regardless of what's going on in this mad world, nobody has the right to rock up at another border and demand entry. Different if you're prepared to abide by the law and processes. Quite different if you don't. Imho. Donna

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