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Posted by: Claire Moran
Date/Time: 24/08/15 20:47:00

Lot of West London home to illegal immigrants apparently, particularly round Southall.  If I were them would I try it?  No, because as a woman from those countries it would be very unlikely I would have the money to pay the people smugglers, although sadly as many have women have been conned into thinking they could be employed as domestic helps and are then forced into prostitution - I am quite prepared to believe that there are people who don't understand immigration rules.   And also if I knew it was illegal, I would not have the strength to scale big fences.  Perhaps I am naive, but can anyone enlighten me as regards Calais for example - why don't the French and British get together, park a huge boat in the water outside Calais as the Greeks have done, get the would be migrants in Calais to queue up in an orderly fashion, sort out the true refugees from the economic migrants and send the migrants back?  Sure I am sorry for all the would-be migrants but we can't solve all the world's problems and we have children and the old in particular in this country in really desperate straits as well -  a lot of people don't seem to realise the horrendous lives some 'deserving poor' really do have in Britain.   I guess the issue is the borderline, where do you draw the line between true refugees and migrants.  But it has to be done or Europe will not be able to cope.

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