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Topic: Re:Re:Hunting with Dogs
Posted by: S Powell
Date/Time: 22/05/15 22:50:00

I got this reply from Joe Bourke of the Lib Dems (you can see my email beneath it, which was a pre-written one via League Against Cruel Sports).

Dear Sophia,

I know that there are serious concerns about the humaneness of snares. Self-lock snares are already banned and I am pleased that there are strict rules about how other snares can lawfully be used. I want the next government to tackle the illegal use of snares, and I believe that local authorities and the police must continue to clamp down on illegal activity.

The Liberal Democrats have long supported the idea of an Animal Protection Commission being set up. We would like this new expert body to look at a range of animal welfare matters, including the humaneness of various forms of pest control. I find it completely unacceptable that any form of pest control should cause unnecessary pain or suffering to helpless animals.

I understand your desire for a review of the commercial shooting industry too, and I agree that anyone involved in shooting must pay proper regard to safety and animal welfare. The industry’s Code of Good Shooting Practice already provides a helpful guide on the importance of sustainable shooting and respect for habitats. I feel that anyone involved in shooting should always seek to uphold these aims.

It is important that the next government looks carefully at how well the racing greyhound industry is being regulated. The Coalition Government has begun gathering evidence on the effectiveness of the Welfare of Racing Greyhounds Regulations that were passed by the previous Labour government in 2010. We want to complete this review after the election and publish its findings later in 2015.

I agree that illegal dog fighting must be tackled too – a form of “sport” which is incredibly cruel to dogs and which can cause horrific injuries. Anyone who arranges illegal dog fights should be prosecuted and punished. The Animal Welfare Act 2006 provides a number of protections for animals, and it is crucial that these protections are respected and enforced at all times.

The Lib Dems have always been very strong supporters of animal welfare. In government, we have improved farm inspections and extended funding for the UK’s National Wildlife Crime Unit until 2016. We have also increased the penalties for serious dog attacks, meaning that irresponsible owners may face tougher sentences.

The Liberal Democrats understand that our membership of the EU greatly benefits animal welfare. Thanks to the UK working with our European partners, laying hens are no longer housed in battery cages, the transport conditions for live animals has been improved, and there has been a ban on animal testing for cosmetics.

Last year, the UK hosted an international conference on the illegal wildlife trade. This brought together representatives from over 40 different countries, and agreed a number of key actions that we and other countries can take to protect some of our most iconic species from the threat of extinction.

In the next parliament, Liberal Democrats will continue to promote the welfare of domestic and farm animals, protect our precious wildlife, and ensure that our law enforcement agencies are fully supported in tackling neglect and cruelty to animals.


Joe Bourke

Brentford and Isleworth Liberal Democrats

From: XXX
Sent: 30 April 2015 10:52
Subject: Animals Matter

Dear Mr Bourke

While there are many issues being discussed in the run-up to the general election, an area that is particularly important to me is animal welfare.

I believe that as animals cannot speak for themselves, it is vital for elected politicians to ensure that they are protected. I find cruelty in the name of sport abhorrent and will be more likely to vote for a candidate that supports greater protection for animals involved in ‘sport’.

As a supporter of the League Against Cruel Sports, I am contacting you to ask you to support the League’s five animal welfare calls, outlined below. By clicking on the link below you can state whether you support, oppose or partially support the 5 calls. This information will be made public and I will be checking to see how you respond when deciding who to vote for. I’m sure others will do the same.

The five calls are:
1.         To defend and strengthen the Hunting Act
2.         To ban the use of snares
3.         To conduct an independent inquiry into the commercial shooting industry
4.         To take tough action to deal with illegal dog fighting
5.         To strengthen protection for racing greyhounds

You can find out more information about each of these calls here.

(if you experience problems with Internet Explorer, please view in either Chrome or Firefox browsers)

I will be checking to see whether you have responded favourably. I hope you will respond and support these animal welfare priorities. Your response, and that of other candidates, will influence my vote on 7th May.

Thank you

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