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Topic: Re:Geographical Oddities
Posted by: Richard Greenhough
Date/Time: 24/03/15 14:35:00

The modern world is full of what you call "geographical oddities". Examples include -

Guadaloupe & Martinique being French
St Pierre & Miquelon being French
Ceuta & Melilla being Spanish
Kaliningrad and the Kurile Islands being Russian
The Faeroes being Danish
The Shetlands being Scottish
Norfolk Island being Australian

Granted, the UK has perhaps more than its fair share, including Montserrat, St. Helena, Gibraltar, the Channel Islands and the Falklands. However, all the remaining British overseas territories have one thing in common - the resident population wants to stay that way, which in the 21st century should be the most important factor.

The Falklands were British before Argentina existed as an independent country, and they are a long way off-shore - you could make a better case historically and geographically that England should belong to France than the case for Argentinian ownership of the Falklands.

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