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Topic: Re:The Falklands
Posted by: Huw Burford-Taylor
Date/Time: 24/03/15 13:50:00

Unfortunately the link to the article seems broken

but the salient quote from it:

"Military experts believe the islands are now virtually impregnable. The new air base has completely altered the balance of power. Any sign of Argentine invasion and the islands could be quickly reinforced by air. "There's no way Argentine forces could ever take Mt Pleasant air base," says Prof Clarke. They would need to land a large number of troops to capture it. And with more than 300 miles of sea to cross from the mainland, and Typhoon fighters and HMS Dauntless in the way, it is not going to happen, he says."

So the lack of aircraft carriers, whilst a pretty bone-headed decision to get rid of them in the first place isn't strictly relevant due to the relative sophistication in terms of hardware and the vastly superior defence force in place now vs then:

"The Falklands War was 30 years ago. "But in military terms it is 100 years ago," says Clarke. British forces have advanced about 60 years in sophistication, but Argentine forces have barely improved, still using military hardware from the 1970s and 80s."

So essentially it's the usual bluster & sabre rattling from Cristina Fernández de Kirchner to distract from domestic issues. It was a close run thing in 1982, but nowadays all you'd have to do is park a cruise missile sub off Buenos Aires and ask her if she was feeling lucky.

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