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Topic: Measles outbreak in Hounslow
Posted by: Paul Allen
Date/Time: 14/02/15 20:53:00

Report from Hounslow Council Website

Fri, 13 February 2015

Public Health England (PHE) has been notified of an outbreak of measles in children of mainly school-going age in Hounslow, West London. A number of cases have been identified at Feltham Community College, Oriel Academy, and in younger children in the community.

Measles is a highly infectious viral illness that sometimes leads to serious complications and is easily spread in unimmunised children and adults. Cases are infectious from four days before until four days after their rash develops. Women who are pregnant, babies under six months old and people who are immunocompromised for any reason are at increased risk of serious complications.

Two doses of measles, mumps, rubella (MMR) vaccine offers full protection against the three illnesses. In the UK the first dose of MMR is given at 12 months of age, and the second dose from 3 years 4 months (pre-school). There is no upper age limit for receiving MMR.

Dr Deborah Turbitt, deputy director for health protection for PHE London, said:

This outbreak of measles is affecting children and teenagers who are unvaccinated or only partially vaccinated with MMR. We could potentially see further measles cases in Hounslow and wider areas of West London as a result of this outbreak so we are asking parents to ensure their children are fully vaccinated with two doses of MMR.

We are working with the schools involved and the London Borough of Hounslow and NHS England to urgently inform parents of the situation. We have sent letters to parents and carers of all children attending Hounslow schools, early years centres and children’s centres with information on the symptoms of measles and asking them to ensure that their children are fully immunised with two doses of the MMR vaccine. Local GPs have also been alerted to the outbreak.

Dr Khadidja Bichbiche, Consultant in Public Health for Hounslow Council, said:

‘It is never too late for children and young people to get vaccinated against measles. Parents of unvaccinated children, teenagers and young adults who have not received two doses of MMR should arrange for them to be vaccinated by their GP. If you are unsure whether your child has had two doses of the vaccine, please speak to your GP who will have a record.”

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