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Topic: Re:It costs how much!
Posted by: Rima Jones
Date/Time: 17/12/14 19:17:00

I don't know how much it costs to barcode all the books on the library shelves and all our library cards but it must be cost effective or they wouldn't be doing it.
The same with everything for sale in the shops and our loyalty cards. How many Nectar cards are there?
It wouldn't be ourselves who are barcoded, it would be the address. People come and go but the council tax remains the same including flats.
There wouldn't be any wrist slapping after the initial settling in period of up to 6 weeks for something new and plenty of notice for getting some practice in  for this earth moving scenario. We really can't base the economy on charitable offerings as is now painfully obvious.
There would be a fixed fine for including recyclables related to the cost of land filling .
With recycling at 35% and participation 70% it's likely that 35% would make more effort and some of the remaining 30% opting to do so when it becomes a case of serious business.
If an increase of 1% recycled is a saving of £85.000 on landfill tax and gate fees pay then an increase of 40% is a saving of £3.4m pa and as far as the EU are concerned the jobs done without cluttering up densely populated areas  with bins which would be nowhere near as effective.
There would also be hefty fines under the Clean Neighbourhoods Act for any dumping of black sacks. There have already been some.
It took my family of five 6 days to get used to having a cranky mother and no kitchen bin, therefore having to sort out their waste paper bins too. Now their own children are doing the same. There really isn't anything painful about it. It's all as they say ,in the mind!
There's no surer way of getting it into minds than by hitting pockets!

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