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Topic: Re:Re:Re:wheelie bin petition
Posted by: Rima Jones
Date/Time: 17/12/14 14:38:00

To be fair LBH have provided such a comprehensive recycling collection that if we're making full use of it there's very little residual waste. The trouble is that so many people don't make full use of it. Hence the wheeled bins. If we don't like them we can opt out and save up the residual in a small dustbin until there's enough for taking to Stirling Road or put a bit of litter in a litter bin.
If we are going to petition it needs to be for a more effective way of improving recycling without the use of bins which are not suitable for all properties and don't improve the street scene.
Although there is limited space in them it is likely that many of them will still contain more than they should. Sita admitted that the initial problems were due to them having underestimated the well above average enthusiasm of the Chiswick residents. We piled up so much that the crews had to keep taking the trucks back to the depot for emptying . I well remember the obviously exhausted men arriving in the evenings but still being helpful. The answer was more trucks and labour which took time.
It isn't a pleasant job to be doing in all weathers  and having to move quickly to get it all done in time especially when they don't speak much English. They aren't treated like slaves but perhaps we can be understanding unless they re really behaving badly. I find that if I put things in the green box so that they are easily sorted, instead of a big jumble, it is greatly appreciated and there's usually a smile and a wave if I happen to be around. Wheeled bins  are required by LBH, not Sita, who have had to adapt the trucks although at the tax payers expense. It would be helpful to get the facts right and look at it from all points of view.

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