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Topic: Re:wheelie bin petition
Posted by: Gail Busza
Date/Time: 15/12/14 20:19:00

This is not just an issue for we 'revolting' Glebe Estate residents - it applies to all similar houses across the borough.

The petition currently has 263 signatures, but this is a tiny percentage of the houses that have been given bins, so is not likely to have a great influence on the Council. At the Residents’ Associations Forum at the Civic Centre on 5th December, the Council stated, in a briefing note, that “Complaints about the wheelie bins have been received from approximately 420 individual households. This is only 2% of all properties being provided with a wheelie bin collection.” Interestingly, the note also states that “Twenty compliments have been received about the new bins.”

Cllr Colin Ellar also said “I think as far as aesthetics are concerned, aesthetics do not come into it. If you have a very nice house I'm happy for you but it's never going to be that nice that a wheeled bin is not suitable. You might not agree with it, but that's not a criterion". This is what Hounslow Council thinks of us!

Please sign the petition at:

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