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Posted by: Charlotte Kasner
Date/Time: 14/11/14 11:10:00

There are many, many expenses that practices have that pet owners do not consider when they constantly complain about costs. By all means shop around, but most vets within an area will have similar overheads and charge about the same. They actually lose money on some procedures such as booster vaccinations and spays and they often cap costs on surgical procedures and dentals. This has to made up elsewhere if the practice is to survive and flourish. Some are able to obtain economies of scale when purchasng but obviously cannot compete with online retailers.

The really big profits go to pharmaceutical companies. Vets are legally obliged to use the "veterinary cascade" when prescribing drugs and must use a product as a first line option if it is specified and has been tested for animal use. This is why some medicines are more expensive than the identical human version.

Wages are very low for many staff and not as high as you might think for veterinary employees who often have to fund their own continuous, compulsory (and expensive) training. Many hours of overtime are worked, usually unpaid not least when owners do not turn up on time for appointments or walk in without warning with complicated problems. Out of hours vets will charge you for their service as will any other out of hours service provider and it will cost more than your high street practice.

If a vet sees your animal for the first time or for something new, of course they should charge a consultation fee. The legal profession would not accept a client just popping in for a quick chat and some advice without charging.

Blood tests are expensive because they take up lab time and resources. Many vets are able to do basic panels in-house which keeps costs down for both parties and produces results more quickly. Again, the economies of scale are different in human medicine so it is difficult to make a comparison.

A word of caution about online sites - make sure that you know and trust the source before you purchase. Your vet must issue a prescription by law and is entitled to charge you for issuing it. It is likely to be valid for no longer than a year and you must go for another consultation before it can be re-issued. If any online site issues VPOM drugs without seeing the prescription, they are breaking the law and may be placing your pet in danger. If you chose to use "natural" medicines, please tell your vet so they have a full picture when they do need to see your pet.

As with any other transaction, it is advisable to obtain a written quotation or estimate (be clear which) before proceeding and if you obtain a verbal one, make a note of the person to whom you spoke and check again before you go ahead. Most vets can scan a copy and e-mail it to you quickly which will have the advantage that it will be on your record. You are also entitled to ask for a copy of the basic charges for routine vists before you make an appointment.

Most of all, choose your vet because they have a good rapport with you and your pet and because you trust them.

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