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Posted by: Andy Pease
Date/Time: 13/11/14 19:39:00

We've been with Petcare in Goldhawk road for over 30 years.When Peter Olson owned the practice it was fantastic.Now, it seems the driving force is money.Last week, I phoned them on the top 4th to request some sedation for my Border Collie to calm him down for the fireworks on the 5th.They refused my request, instead telling me to buy a plug in that released pheromones to calm the dog.Complete waste of time, absolutely useless.The night of the 4th was a disaster.The dog was scared witless.The next day I went into the vet and demanded some tranquillisers.They weren't
happy,but gave me 10 tablets, which they charged me 17 for.Earier in the year, Alfie landed oddly when jumping for a ball.He let out a yelp on landing, and came back to me with a pronounced limp.He was obviously in pain, so I took him to Petcare.They checked him over and said they would give him dome painkillers I but because of his age, he would need a blood test 5o make sure his kidneys were ok.This would take 30 minutes to get the results.His kidneys were fine, so he got a painkilling injection, and I got the bill.Bloody hell ! They should have given me the injection.The total came to
113.the bill was broken down as 36 for the consultation, 24 for the injection, and 55 for the blood test.55 quid for a blood test to check his kidney function is outrageous. I have had a lot of medical investigations over the last couple of weeks, and a full blood screen checking liver and kidney function, thyroid function glucose levels, cholesterol and a whole lot of other tests cost less than 30.I think I may eell be changing vets very soon.How do costs vary so much ? 15 years ago, the dog that I had then got a perforated bowel and had to go to the emergency vet in Victoria who told me they would have to operate immediately.They quoted me 1000 for the operation, but warned it could be more.So I left my dog with them.He was with them for 2 days.In the meantime, I had spoken with my own vet who told me the operation would cost about 700 if he had done it.When I finally picked my dog up, thd bill was over 4000.He wasn't insured so it went on the credit card.The bil was subject to much debate, but they would not budge, and refused any refund.At least my dog lived for another 7 years.

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