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Topic: Gunnersbury Station Action Team
Posted by: Andy Murray
Date/Time: 23/10/14 11:23:00

As an attendee at all 3 meetings so far, I can endorse Cllr Todd's comments. I go to a lot of meetings, and this is one of the most efficient, at least in involving all interested parties and identifying the salient points, which are, as you'd imagine, convoluted, interconnected and hard to solve overnight.

Yes, Mary would like to be re-elected in May, but I'm not on her campaign team - my only concern is that we should have something approaching a holistic transport policy locally, in the face of all the imminent pressures on the network, including safety considerations. The Team does also include committed Labour voters and representatives of non-political local groups, so, even though it may be interpreted as a vote-getting PR exercise, the meetings don't actually proceed that way in practice.    

The rather minimal story underplays the breadth of the discussions, but a story only becomes a story when you have achieved something, or have a solid commitment from a 3rd Party to do something, which we are a way off yet.

Yes, if whoever becomes our local MP after May 2015 chooses not to continue the discussions, it may have been time less well spent, but in my opinion, just getting the major players round the table to hear all points of view and concerns is a plus - for the moment.     

Andy Murray,
The Grove Park Group

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