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Topic: Gunnersbury  Tube Station
Posted by: John Todd
Date/Time: 23/10/14 09:43:00

The front page article is a tad devoid of  additional detail that I will now provide to re-assure those who criticise.

Mary with others has set up a working party to improve the station,the adjacent crossing and ensure the bridge linking the business park is built.
Membership includes local community groups and representatives from National Rail,London Transport, the owners of the building above the station  Cllrs. LBH and others.

I with other members visited the station platform during the rush hour and saw the horrendous congestion on the platform and staircase.    LT were also present, advised as indicated and made other suggestions to be sought from National Rail. They have also provided additional platform staffing.

National Rail agreed  to seek the guidance of architects as to the viability of a scheme to provide greater platform space and access submitted by a local group. Mary now seeks S106 funding for this purpose.

I'm perhaps biased as a committee member but it's a needed project with all the big players on board.

Mary has initiated this project and continues to Chair  and  drive this matter forward.


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